Online slot symbols – What do they mean and how do they affect wins?


The spinning reels on online slot games are filled with different colorful symbols. These symbols are more than flashy graphics, they directly influence wins, payouts, and unlocking bonus features. Classic fruit machine slots use simple symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, melons, bars, and the number 7. These traditional symbols originate from the first mechanical slots in land-based casinos. Fruit and number symbols are used widely even in modern video slots for nostalgic charm. Each symbol has a different rarity and pays varying amounts when matched on a payline. For instance, cherries and bars are low-paying while sevens and melons award bigger payouts.

Themed slot symbols

Video slots have creatively themed symbols based on the game’s genre. Fantasy slots have symbols depicting wizards, magic spells, dragons, and treasures. Adventure slots feature archeologists, ancient relics, and maps. Horror slots display frightening characters like vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Branded slots use symbols of characters and items from blockbuster movies, TV shows, and video games. Themed symbols boost entertainment while matching related high-paying symbols unlocks big wins.

Wild and scatter symbols

These special symbols perform unique functions in slots. Wild symbols substitute for other standard symbols to complete winning payline combinations. It increases your chance to win more payouts. Scatter symbols trigger bonus rounds like free spins when landed anywhere on reels free of paylines. Combining scatters and wilds in a spin enhances your odds further. Expanded wilds covering entire reels and sticky wilds staying on reels over multiple spins also, boost your winning potential per spin.

Low and high variance symbols

Some symbols significantly influence the volatility of slots. Low variance symbols like fruits and bars appear frequently on reels allowing you to land many small wins but minimal big payouts. High variance symbols like lucky 7s, diamonds, or characters appear rarely but result in larger payouts when matched. A slot with more low variance symbols has lower volatility for steadier small wins, while more high variance symbols mean bigger but infrequent payouts. Check out this website guys over at

Insight into slot payouts

Matching three or more identical high-paying symbols on a payline is the most common way to win payouts. The symbol payout amount directly correlates to the symbol rarity. Low variance symbols produce frequent small wins to extend gameplay but hit big wins rarely. Getting high-paying symbols requires luck but delivers larger payouts. Maximizing payouts involves retriggering spins until landing multiple high-paying symbols.

Online slot symbols are integral to payout size, volatility, bonus triggers, and overall wins. Each symbol carries a distinct value based on rarity and payout amount. Understanding symbols roles enables developing optimal slot strategy to boost your winning potential. Matching high value and special symbols in combination creates the opportunity to win bigger payouts. Tracking your symbol hit frequency lets you identify “lucky” and “cold” symbols – those that have yielded wins and losses for you historically. Gambling responsibly within time and money limits always win over chasing losses to hit an elusive big win from specific symbols.

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